Fruits and Tooth Decay: What Are The Facts?

fruitDentist are always being asked if sugary fruits like apples and strawberries can cause tooth decay. Many dentist will tell you, that eating fruits can be very beneficial to not only your body but your teeth as well, if eaten properly. But if consumed in an improper manner, then fruits can and will cause damage to your teeth. To figure out how to consume fruits the proper way, lets dive a little deeper into the subject.

Eating Nothing But Fresh Fruit All Day
Some people simply love to eat fruit and many eat it all day. Many feel that this is a healthy habit, but it may be causing them unwanted grief, when it comes to their teeth. Fruits contain sugar, which if not removed will cause tooth decay and even tooth loss. So in order to help neutralize that sugar, a good idea is to eat other foods with the fruits. A balanced diet will help you keep your teeth looking great! This will also help keep the rest of your body looking great as well.

What About Frozen Fruit?
Frozen fruit and tooth decay is not something that you should worry about. Just like fresh fruit, if you eat other food with it, you will not damage your teeth. But remember you have to eat a balanced meal to achieve this goal. Eating frozen fruit all day, without anything else in your mouth, will cause tooth decay over time. Frozen fruit is the second best way to enjoy your favorite snack!

How About Canned Fruit?
This where we start to see a difference. Canned fruit is often times package with extra sugar, to help retain its taste. We all know that more sugar means more tooth decay. So try to avoid canned fruits and instead go with fresh or frozen fruits. If you have no choice but to eat canned fruit, then try to choose one that is packaged with no sugar or less sugar added. This will help reduce the chances of developing tooth decay, which can cause you pain and even tooth loss.

Is Fruit Juice Ok To Drink?
When fruits are turned into juice, all of their combined sugar is released and condensed. This rise in sugar, is what makes juice so tasty, but it can really damage your teeth. So try to avoid drinking too many glasses of juice. If you do really love juice, a great way to drink it is to add a bit of water too it. This will cut down the amount of sugar you are consuming. Also try to limit yourself to just one glass a day.

Now that you know more about fruit and tooth decay, you can make some wise decisions, that will help keep your teeth looking healthy. Remember that fresh fruits are the best, so try to replace canned fruits with them. Also don’t forget to water down that tall glass of juice with some water, to help reduce the amount of sugar that goes into your mouth. Make sure to brush your teeth after each meal and you should never have to worry about tooth decay.